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Here are bits of two things I ‘ve done recently and which are out soon/ At the top, i have drawn a story written by Fred Van Lente in October’s Anniversary issue of Creepy, The Executor, published by Dark Horse. I’ve wanted to draw this comic for so long and when it has finally come up, I feel very honored to be part of such an important issue. Also, the whole premise of the story was something I loved, and it was both a chance for me to draw a licensed character (.. at least two) and do some cartooning. And it was funny.. and… stuff… I’d like more of that kind of thing, but I don’t really want to give whats in the story away. But it does have the best fight I’ve ever drawn. I don’t know who did the cover, but I think it might be Peter Bagge…

The lower image is part of what I have made for the Thought Bubble Anthology that Image will bring out, in aid of Barnardos, in October, to time with the Thought Bubble Festival, which follows the next month. Ales Kot asked me to illustrate a poem, so I teamed up with Genesis colorist Jason Wordie to make something experimental, and also, quite long- its five pages, at tabloid size, designed, drawn and hand lettered by me and strewn with Jason’s luminous colors and Ales’ writing.. More on both of these later. I think Jason and I are going to bring out a print for sale based on this work and we will put up info on that here, too.

Both of these comics are super-quality, so if you want to order them, I think we’d all be very happy (an Barnados too). I’m not named on either of the solicits, but I am in there. Here are the Diamond codes, both are $3.99:

50th Anniversary Creepy

Thought Bubble Anthology